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Mojang has released some information on update 1.13.

More information on what they are planning for this update can be found in the forum thread below.

Dynmap is back up and running! We are also updated to 1.12!!!!

New/Fixed Things: Permplugin had to be changed but its all setup now!

                     New Vote plugin /vote still working just looks different.

                     Had a few players say that inventories in skyblock were gone and achivements reset but looks like all that is back.

                     Crates work again.

                     Looks like we can sell spawn eggs again but it will say 1 Spawn Egg {Null} but will be the right egg (tested with cave spiders will test more later).

                      You should still have your mypets. If not let me know and I'll see if theres a way to give you one with the level you had.

                       Changes to Autorank are: /ar gcheck to check time. We now have paths but they will be auto assigned to players so need to worry about that. To Track progress its /ar track # the [#] is only if you have more than 1 requirement to complete the rank so until citizen this will only be you tranking 1 requirement.

[GrandM] glsm GrandMaster Awesome! :)


[Owner] GothkittyGirl aCatWomano posted Apr 23, 17

I've been working to get the dynmap files that are making a error in console deleted so that we can get it back up and running.

Also note the Survivalgames and mobarena have been removed due to lack of people using them along with some minor plugins that I myself thought needed to go

Thank you Everyone!

[Owner] GothkittyGirl aCatWomano posted Feb 4, 17

I want to thank everyone that has donated to help me start over and thank you all for kept me in your thoughts and prayers.

Some Absent

[Owner] GothkittyGirl aCatWomano posted Jan 30, 17

Im going to be absent alot most likly.... My house just went up in flames along with just about everything i own, other then some clothes in a room that didnt get burned up.

Any donation will be appceiated but its a not a have to. Just if you want to help me in getting some clothes or food or anything.

Thanks for reading and Please keep me in your pray's and thoughts.

[Trustd] GalaxySnowy I'm so late on this.. I hope it's better right now..
[GrandM] glsm GrandMaster Gosh Goth :( that's such an unexpected disaster. I hope everything works out.
[Trustd] TimsIsTaco aw jeesh that sucks i cant imagine what it feels like losing your stuff like that im glad you're alright
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