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[Owner] GothkittyGirl aCatWoman posted Aug 23, 18

Bosses are back! Go ask a Staff member to test your Might!

[Donor] TridentCrash Donor So does this mean that we have god items back???! I want my god pick! I miss her! lol

Dynmap!!! Woot!

[Owner] GothkittyGirl aCatWoman posted Aug 23, 18

Dynmap is back!! Woot! have a look up there on *Server Dynmap* Tab and enjoy!

[GrandM] RTH3 GrandMaster you spelled dynmap wrong. you put dynamp. anyway that's awesome
[MemeLord] glsm
glsm @ Project of the Day

Spigot 1.13!

[Owner] GothkittyGirl aCatWoman posted Jul 27, 18

We are officailly back on spigot and updated to 1.13. Plugins are slowly coming back in but a few you the players need to get around and lock things are there and working.

1.13 update!

[Owner] GothkittyGirl aCatWoman posted Jul 18, 18

We are currently 1.13 vanilla just so that you guy can come and play 1.13 :). I will be moving the server back to a reliable host in the next week or two and hopefully the server will be more live like in the next few week as we get things updated. The new world we have now will be able to access after the move as well it will just be a side world once we have the mutl-world plugin


[Owner] GothkittyGirl aCatWoman posted Nov 27, 17


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